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Johan van der Westhuyzen
Group Director

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Julius partnered with DuPont Sustainable Solutions for a very strategic piece of work in the water industry. His role was critical and his leadership skills exceptional. He managed to build trust and credibility within DuPont Sustainable Solutions and client counterparts. Even today, many years later we are calling on Julius to support us with some of our most complex projects.


James Parsons

Managing Director

PAG International 

Julius is an impressive original thinker who delivered an innovative CRM strategy and a significant upgrade to processes to LTP Trade's trade platform. Furthermore Julius's organisational and project management skills ensured that this was built and put into operation in a very short timeframe.


Clive Meyer

CFP Financial Planner &

Professional Accountant

I have known Julius for many years and we have experienced some interesting business meetings and travels together into Africa. He is astute and has a sound working knowledge of the business world out there and always does his best for the clients. It has been a pleasure dealing with him and hopefully it will continue into the future.


Charles Denyer

Senior Partner at NDB in National Security & Cybersecurity

Julius is a well-skilled, talented, and insightful individual. He has great vision for organizations he works for and with and provides great leadership every step of the way. I look forward to working with him in the future and partnering on cross-continental business ventures.


Nicole Bachmann

Managing Director Brook & Mann

Julius has a generous personality, a lot of drive and focus, and knows his stuff. - He will work hard towards achieving the best for his clients and in doing so believes in winning by sharing, which makes him a joy to be with as well.


Ebbe Rabie

Executive Director - Head of Specialty at Price Forbes (South Africa)

Having worked with Julius on a multi million dollar desalination project in the Middle East, I can highly recommend him for his leadership and project management skills and he has the financial acumen in dealing with all parties. His tremendous ability to understand the finer intricacies of a large project and communicate this effectively gave me a strong sense of comfort and that he was always in control. A born entrepreneur with the ability to turn an idea into reality


Paul Stylianou

Investor & CEO, Business Support International

I have known and worked with Julius in various contracts over the years since first meeting him in 2003 and have always found Julius to be one of the most visionary and entrepreneurial executives I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. Combined with the fact that Julius is also an incredibly trustworthy gentleman in his business dealings and can always be relied on not only to worry about doing things in the most honest manner, but also in a caring way and one begins to understand why his skills are always in such demand.
I greatly look forwards, not only to the next business project we share together, but also the next meal we share in whichever country we may meet again.
I unreservedly recommend Julius as a partner in any suitable business project globally


Gerhard Odendal

Investor and CEO Go-Trade

Julius has that rare skill of having keen strategic vision while also having an eye for detail. His is a people motivator of note and a work-a-holic that leads by example. He keeps focus when those around him are losing theirs! Always professional and excellence and style are his trademarks.


Peter Hall

Chief Operating Officer at Cognia Law

I have worked with Julius at both Old Mutual Direct and LTP Trade and have found him to be hard working with a great ability to deliver business solutions. He is quick to understand the business issue and then deliver a cost effective and value added solution in a short space of time. I would highly recommend Julius.


Richard Hartshorne

BU Director - Enterprise Markets Expleo Group

I've found engaging with Julius an inspiration. He has an amazing ability to multi-task on an exceptionally complex level. Added to this, his integrity and honesty make dealing with him a pleasure because you always know where you stand!


Suzanne MacDonald-Carr

VP US Operations and VP EMEA Sales

Julius is a highly motivated professional manager with a great business acumen and someone I am proud to be associated with. I endorse his work and his abilities particularly his vision and ability to understand the detail of businesses as an independent management consultant.


Lieze Puren

Managing Director

Tate International School

Our company, Tate International School, contracted Julius to support and guide us to change our business structure and vision. Julius is a visionary and an exceptionally intelligent business strategist who is dedicated to move companies into a space that is ahead of it's time.


Jean-Paul Sacy

Regional Director

Julius and I collaborated a few years back in the design and delivery of a complex transformation program for a major water desalination operator in the Middle East.
Julius was able, through his network and rich expertise, to assemble and manage a team of professionals that delivered an impactful piece of work helping the client reduce its unit cost of production of water by ~20%.


Tobie van Zyl

CEO & Founder at Bettr Finance

Mr Steyn A man whom has the roar of a lion and the vision of eagle, a remarkable individual with superior qualities of a true leader. Julius has an amazing energy, a passion for Business, Well Fare and Entrepreneurship. Being in relationship with his other business ventures, the people he surrounds himself with lives by the same principles. Im proud to be associated with him and recommend him for all astute and elite business men


Jacques Mouton

Business Owner Transaction Analyst International Trade Intermediary

I have know Julius for the better part of 20 years and have observed his work ethics to be innovative, creative, objective and accurate with a good ability to communicate and also respond favourable to input from other parties. He has integrity, is honest and is driven by achievement and reaching his goals.


Craig Nain

Director - Merchant Factors

Julius has proved himself to be a manager who pays close attention to detail while still seeing the broad picture. He has shown himself to be someone of great integrity whom I would recommend to any prospective client.


Kurt Bentzen

Business Owner

Management Consultant - Denmark

I know Julius as a hard working person, who dedicates all of his skills and competence in each assignments, he is involved in. I can recommend Julius highly.


Fons van der Ham

Director World Trade Centre

Almere Amsterdam  

Julius and I have met several times in the WTC network. We both share the passion for the WTC motto "Prosperity through Trade". Julius is a genuine entrepreneur who is leap frogging the WTC growth in Southern Africa. He is friendly guy with a nose for business!


Rafiq Samsodien

Executive Chairman of the CTIFMF  

We found Julius to be a great consultant to help us unlock our potential in our business going forward. We are currently still engaging him in an ad hoc capacity to finalise of deal structure with our incoming partners. i find Julius's approach to business very innovative and can therefore highly recommend him as a consultant to anyone


Mbulelo Bikwani

Non-Executive Chairman

Mochron Investments (2007)

Julius is a entrepreneur with a heart for those at the bottom of the pyramid. In my dealings with him I've found him to be focused, clear about his vision, determined and honest. It's a such a pleasure to deal with him because of his quick grasping and understanding of seemingly complex issues.


Willem Cloete

CEO Designate WTC Windhoek (2011)

Julius is one of the very few people I have met that have the capability to make those around him realize his immense potential leaves them wanting. He is, by far, the most gifted person I have ever encountered in my entire life. His management style is a pleasure to work with. He is a humble, honest and man of great integrity. It is an honour to work with him and he always support those in need of assistance. The company he leads as CEO can just thank God they have him as their leader.


Mike Graham

Managing Director at Surety Solutions

I have worked with Julius in the past and found him to be an honest, diligent, hardworking businessman and recommend Julius to prospective clients.


Mark Condon

Business Development Manager Economic Development Specialist Descartes Datamyne

Prior to my position with PIERS I was on the Board of Directors of the World Trade Centers Association and saw over many years the persistence and tenacity along with a very reputable business style that Julius has displayed in the developing WTCs in Africa.


Macfarlane Moleli

Managing Director Macmoleli Investment Holdings

His passion is unwavering for the work he does. He has lead Mochron by example and is known in the office as the man that never sleeps. Julius has created immense opportunity for all of us at Mochron, we are honoured to serve under his leadership. I would recommend Julius in any position for whichever company or role due to his sheer tenacity and proactive approach to business


Michael Young

CITP Managing Partner

MG Power Associates Inc

I've had the pleasure of knowing Julius since 2007. I've been fascinated by the scope and scale of his projects not only in South Africa but the whole continent. Julius has been working aggressively to incorporate, into his business, the best practices of organizations worldwide. Julius is quite tenacious and with the great network of people following him, I'm confident he will play a vital role in increasing Africa's trade

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