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Cryptocurrency Financial Services


(Limited Exclusive by Invitation Only Participation)


Research & Development Projects

In Future Financial Products and Platforms

Exchange Trust has significant experience in banking and banking technology. Our experience cover the various aspects of: Trade Finance, Structured Equity, Leveraged Finance, Asset Backed Finance, Retail Finance, Securitisation, Capital Markets Funding, Transaction Hedging, Transaction Risk Mitigation, Swaps, Arbitrage, Derivatives, Futures and various other Treasury related finance solutions. As technology develops at an incredible pace, more and more companies are identifying opportunities that could improve their banking systems that would enable them to remain in play with global step changes in the banking industry. These improvements are absolutely required for Financial Institutions to remain competitive. Cryptocurrency is one such sector that has a substantial impact on the global banking industry. is here to stay....

This is particularly the case as more and more global institutions are adopting Cryptocurrency not only as a form of payment, settlement and remittance but as an actual currency in the banking treasury systems. Exchange Trust is engaged in Research and Development work in the space of Applied Cryptocurrency utilising Block Chain and the use of Non-Fungible Contracts (known as NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens in the Cryptocurrency industry) in treasury systems. Our focus is aimed at identifying how future banking, finance and insurance Products and Technology Platforms will need to be shaped and developed to converge at a point between the cryptocurrency space and the real world applications as we know it today.   

Four Major Projects

We are engaged currently in four particular projects, these are:

  1. Future Personal & Retail Banking: Cryptocurrency and derivative products related to Cryptocurrency will have a major impact on the future of currently highly connected but under banked persons in the Generation 'Y' and 'Z' categories. This research is focused on identifying their particular future product needs and how these integrate with future banking systems. 

  2. Corporate Finance Solutions: Utilising the highly efficient NFT and Block Chain technologies  as it relates to Asset Finance such as equipment and other moveable and fixed assets as well as Trade Finance products that would leverage the efficiencies of multiple means of distributed settlements and applied NFTs. 

  3. Insurance vs Assurance: Cryptocurrency and NFTs as it is applied in Treasury and Banking systems will have a major impact on Insurance products, which could see a swing towards more assurance products being available which currently is only positioned as Insurance products. We are researching how utilising the efficiencies of Cryptocurrency and NFTs could affect Insurance vs Assurance models as applied to the Medical, Legal and Product Risk segments.

  4. Sponsorship and Advertising: Utilising NFT's and Block Chain Future Values in the Sponsorships of Teams, Sports Persons, Artists and Actors creates a totally new methodology to raise sponsorship. This could potentially not only be revolutionary but an industry disruptor. 


Sponsor these Projects to own the newly developed Patents and Intellectual Properties derived from the Research and Development work currently being done


Intellectual Property Rights

Our research involves the Active Development of Proof of Concept Financial Products and Platforms related to the above referenced Projects. These Proof of Concept Financial Products and Platforms contain a high level of newly developed Intellectual Property, which Intellectual Property is owned by Project Sponsors. Project Sponsors have advanced capital to Exchange Trust to develop the Intellectual Property as well as the Proof of Concept Financial Products and Platforms. The Proof of Concept Financial Products and Platforms generate real revenue based on applied treasury products in the Cryptocurrency space. Project Sponsors are issued a limited number of convertible Project Debentures and the revenue generated from the projects is shared between Exchange Trust and the Sponsors. The aim being to repay sponsors the Debenture Capital with interest, while simultaneously achieving the new Product Development goals. Newly developed Intellectual Property as it relates to the Financial Product and Platform is documented, Trademarked and where possible Patented in different classes and jurisdictions.

Own Leading Edge Intellectual Property

Future Revenue & Current Yields

Project Debentures can be converted into Preference Shares in the newly developed Intellectual Property - at the discretion of the Debenture Holder. This could achieve substantial future earnings potential for the Sponsors on real world applications of the Intellectual Property and Patent ownership. 

Each project is expected to generate a variable yield based on the actual live testing of treasury products as described. 
It is expected that net yields could vary between 0.1% per day to as high as 1% per trading day.

All yields will be paid into the Debenture Holder / Preference Shareholder's USDT account in the proportion of Debentures acquired. The 50% ETSS Research and Development fee will be deducted from the Holder's USDT account in a transparent and on a per transaction basis. 

Debenture Holders own the rights to the Research and Development Intellectual Property. Future revenues are derived from licensing the rights to other organisations. Expected yields on the Research and Development exceed 25% per year to the Debenture Holder. 

Limited Opportunity

Each project has a maximum of five Debentures available, applications for Debentures are therefore considered on a First Come First Serve basis. 

The total debentures that are on offer for each Project is R 450 000.00 (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rand) per Project

Apply Now

By clicking below you will be requested to complete a basic Application Form. This will generate three Escrow Accounts (ZAR, USD and USDT) for you on our Transaction Management platform. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, our Code of Conduct and the Debenture Terms you will be directed to the Payment Platform. You are then able to select the number of Debentures you wish to purchase for the Project of your choosing. Applications will be processed once your Debenture funds have been deposited in your ZAR Escrow Account.

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