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Our Education Investment

Our school Tate International has a new view on education: At Tate we changed our thinking from "The Future" to "My Future" 

Children of today will be involved in careers that have not been invented yet. The only way to guarantee their success is to give them an unshakable grounding, as well as solidify their self belief. We felt a public school environment is not conducive to these goals. For children to blossom they need focused, individual attention that can only be provided in a Private School setting. It is a space that allows parents to see the worth they are investing in that goes beyond mere monetary value. 

We are witnessing a revolution in the education sector all over the world, and we believe it is our duty, as educators, to shift the conversation from "the future" to "my future".  Our dedicated staff assist and guide our students to define their own future goals and support them in developing and refining the skills they need to meet their ambitions and aspirations. Tate International School prides itself in preparing our students for the increasing demands that await them in this ever changing and competitive world.

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