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Julius Steyn CEO

Prior to the establishment of Exchange Trust, I was privileged to be the President of the Africa World Trade Centre initiative for 5 years and received the Africa Leadership award in 2012 for this achievement. Leading 11 World Trade Centres across Africa has engraved the importance of strong trade finance and facilitation infrastructure. During its first year of operations Exchange Trust has processed in excess of US$ 160 Million in transactions on its digital trade platform for some of the Major underwriters and insurance companies in South Africa. Between 2016 and 2017 we formed part of a top international team who developed the most sophisticated risk and finance models for water treatment plants and won bids in excess of US$ 5 Billion. The success of these resulted in the development of the H2O Security token which is aimed to change the future of water finance globally. 


I have realised over many years in business that no business can be conducted without Trust. Business is essentially about the Exchange of things; be it information, skill, property, assets, commodities or any form of value for another form of value. Based on many experiences where this Trust was breached and the business eventually failed, I decided to form Exchange Trust - the message is clear:

I am constantly Motivated and Inspired when I experience our Clients achieve their Success and Goals through their participation and collaboration with Exchange Trust

Julius Steyn
Founder and CEO

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Exchange Trust was formed in 2013. The name consists of two key words "Exchange" & "Trust" our business and our platforms are about the exchange of "things" in a material world through digital means where parties potentially may never meet each other in person - this implies a great deal of Trust. 

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