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Proprietary Technology 

Exchange Trust uses a proprietary developed commodity trade and exchange platform. On this platform commodities can be traded in a materialised (Physical) and de-materialised (Non-Physical or Certificated) format between buyers and sellers. The platform also uses the EMEA approved Docusign system as well as the Caplink online document warehouse system. These partnership systems allows document authentication, access control and transaction execution history. 
Our online platform not only meets all the requirements in terms of data privacy, fraud prevention, money laundering and anti-terrosist funding requirements, but also:

  • Manages transaction documentary requirements ranging from quality certification, customs clearance and shipping documents as well as sale and purchase conditions and fee distribution agreements. 

  • Allows all transaction parties access to their accounts with specific selected views and transaction capabilities

  • The platform is multi jurisdictional and multi-currency 

  • It allows for the use of several types of financial instruments ranging from cash, bank/payment guarantees, warehouse certificates, promissory notes, to various forms of letters of credit. 

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