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Responsible Gold Sourcing

Exchange Trust subscribes to the requirements of the following organisations that provides guideline requirements and principles for Responsible Sourcing of Gold. These principles guide Investors, Consumers and Downstream Mining Operations as to what is implied by Responsible Gold Sourcing. We will only supply from and to organisations that meet these requirements.  
Exchange Trust provides a World Class Digital Gold Exchange that offers its members full transactional transparency with clear chain of custody reporting and quality assurance that meet the global best practice standards.

Full Chain of Custody Management and Due Diligence Reporting 
Small Scale Artisanal Gold Mining
The Exchange Performs the requirements of:

1) The OECD Supply Chain Policy for a Responsible Global Supply Chain of Gold from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas 

2) The OECD Five-Step Framework for Risk-Based Due Diligence in the Mineral Supply Chain

  • We provide strong and transparent Management Systems

  • We continuously Assess risk in our supply chains

  • We have a Risk Framework to respond to risk situations 

  • We are independently audited 

  • We provide due diligence reporting and in addition to the requirement we provide our social impact assessment reports publicly to our members 

3) The World Gold Council 10 requirements for responsible gold supply and apply these as practically as possible to our Artisanal mining operations 

  • Ethical Conduct 

  • Understand Impact (Social, Environmental, Financial)

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment, Management and Audit (from ore to bar)

  • Health & Safety of mine operations 

  • Human Rights of the mine workers and the local community 

  • Labour Rights of the mine workers  

  • Contribute to local Community

  • Maintain Environmental Stewardship

  • Consider the Bio diversity of mine location

  • Consider Energy and Water efficiency in our operations 


Our actions, investment approach and infrastructure (platforms and technology) are designed to ensure that our members are safe and will be able to trade their product at any location globally 

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