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Our Process

We have a very simple process to evaluate whether or not we are able to assist your company with its turnaround requirements. The process consists of three steps, which are as follows:

STEP 1: Complete a basic online questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to save you time. It only asks a few basic questions to see if your company qualifies based on the initial information provided. The response is automated and near real time. 


STEP 2: Should your company qualify you will be invited to a Private Portal where our processes and approach are discussed in more detail. Should you wish to continue to complete Step 2 you will be requested to complete more detail about your company and its current situation. This questionnaire has built-in proprietary algorithms which will determine if your Company qualifies for our Corporate Guarantees and or Loans. You will receive a provisional automated response. An official offer and Initial Term Sheet will follow after internal evaluations have been completed - usually in less than 72 hours.

STEP 3: Step 3 will follow after your acceptance of the Initial Term Sheet and will consist of several face-to-face meetings and detailed interviews to start the actual Turnaround process.

Please click below, should you wish to proceed to with STEP 1

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